compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes

compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes


TEALarbor stories' mission is to compassionately support people as they discover and convey through writing their deepest stories. The nature-based, creative processes help individuals to write for insight, write for outcome, and write as rite.


Writing Services 
editing & proofreading

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nature experiences for healing and insight

Creativity Mentorship
practical, inspiring project support

Life Transition Support
practices for thriving during significant change, grief, loss

environmental conflicts
conflict coaching
facilitated conversations



"Looking for an amazing writing coach? Look no further than Jennifer Wilhoit, coach, writer, and counselor-extraordinaire. I was blessed to find Jennifer during the most stressful time of writing my book - facing deadlines, lost in a sea of notes, lacking discipline, and drowning in self-criticism. With Jennifer's ongoing support I righted the writing ship: got focused, stepped up my self-care, developed good writing habits ... and my creativity soared. I'm proud to be publishing my second book with Penguin Random House - and grateful for the deep, restorative, and heartfelt support that Jennifer brought to me just when I needed it most. As a psychologist and coach myself, I am a big believer in getting help. We all need champions to bolster us as we follow our passions. But you need to find the right coach - and with Jennifer, I got the best."
Jeffrey Hull, Ph.D., Author of FLEX: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World
from Penguin Random House, 2019 


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