compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes

compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes

Writing & Creativity

The writing services I provide through TEALarbor stories include mentorship, editing and proofreading, copywriting.


This service is for any individual who wants to receive supportive guidance working one-on-one with an experienced writer and creative, or anyone who has an urge to create, an inspired idea, or who feels the quiet rumblings of something that wants to be born. Individual mentoring is a way for somebody to engage more deeply with her own creative potential, gaining appreciation of her inner nature. Therefore, we might focus on journaling techniques, creative expression, visual arts, and creative thinking as means of deepening one's writing or creative project. Learning how to let one's creative gifts emerge from the core self is a goal of mentoring; I have spent the past twenty-seven years researching the impact of environment (nature, especially) on creative process. Overall, mentoring supports the inner processes of the writer/creative in addition to the process of bringing a written or creative project to fruition. 

Editing & Proofreading

Traditional editing and proofreading services are available. I offer both substantive/developmental editing support as well as copyediting. The level of editing (light, moderate, or heavy) depends upon the needs of the writer in tandem with a professional assessment of the document's readiness. I specialize in academic/scholarly documents as well as memoir, however I accept editing and proofreading jobs representing all genres of writing. 


I help people craft and fine-tune all types of writing including: résumés and professional development documents; applications (employment, educational admissions, grants); business documents (blogs, websites, social media copy, marketing/advertising materials, mission statements).  


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