compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes

compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes


Our storytelling processes can uncover disputes or conflict in relationships or within ourselves that can be healed through guided conversations in mediation. Certificated mediators are now on board with TEALarbor stories, ready to facilitate conversations. This collaboration is a great addition to our offerings, allowing those in the midst of conflict an opportunity to re-story their difficulties with the guidance of deep listeners who offer practical tools.

Environmental Conflicts 

A scholarly background in and experience with people-park conflicts domestically and abroad is the foundation for the support TEALarbor stories provides to groups and communities struggling with the myriad issues associated with people living on the edges of protected areas. Traditional rights to - and newly-imposed restrictions on - access to natural areas; natural resources use; community safety; protection of local flora, fauna, and fragile ecosystems; economic concerns for those with subsistence lifestyles as well as for conservationists; relationships between resident people and park officials, are just a sampling of the concerns with which mediated support can assist. 

Conflict Coaching

This is a one-on-one process with individuals who face difficult life stories/situations. Supportive coaching and mentorship help guide the person facing disruptive conflict toward deeper, more effective coping skills. Using writing strategies, time in the natural world, online communications (where geography precludes in-person contact), creative practices and dialogic tools facilitated by a mediator, individuals can learn to live peacefully even in the midst of ongoing conflict.

Facilitated Conversations

This is a multi-party process (two or more individuals) that offers compassionate support and strives to foster communication between parties facing conflicts. Our two-person team (one male/one female) works together with the parties toward shared resolutions or agreements. Facilitated conversations might happen in a single session or occur as a series of conversations over time; this is determined after an initial assessment of the conflictive situation.


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